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What We Do


Hola, I’m Mercedes Avila Caballero, the Founder and CEO of "Believe In You Project"


We believe that the greatest gift

one can give to a child

is education because it will act

as a lasting enabler in whatever circumstance.


Education changes people, and people changes the world.


We spread LOVE, hope, peace, and joy

by supporting children

and schools through teaching, dancing,

storytelling and educational projects.

We L-ink the world together.

We O-ptimise child's self esteem.

We V-alue ourselves and others.

We E-mpower other people.


We REACT, inspire and transform many children’s lives

who without our help would be relegated to a world

of child exploitation and poverty.


We R-elieve poverty

We E-ducate children & adults

We A-dvance well-being

We C-ater for specific needs and ultimately help

We T-urn a vision into reality

Working Together We Can Make A Big Difference.

We Need Help To Make This Happen.

Please Help Our Cause And Donate To Rescue A Soul.

Thank you,

The Believe In You Project Team.

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