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Turning a Vision into Reality

Merche is the Founder and CEO. Merche is passionate about working on educational projects for supporting quality education for girls and boys worldwide. She has created six online enterprises through to support the Believe In You Charity. She wants to dedicate her life to serving others, and give something back to this world and to the new generations. Flamenco Joy involves dance music, teaching Spanish, and selling products for supporting children, and communities.


Merche visualized this important project for preventing and relief of poverty and for creating educational opportunities. S want to see a free equal world. Children are more than twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty, with nearly 385 million children worldwide experiencing that condition. According to analysis from the World Bank Group and The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 4 Oct 2016 


Believe In You Charity will inspire and transform many children's lives who, without our help would be relegated to a world of child exploitation and poverty. We want to create a better world where every child has the right to be happy, to feel loved and safe, to have a family and a home, and to be educated. We intend to do so by creating projects and opportunities for all vulnerable children.


Merche have already visited Uganda and India; going to some of the poorest places in the world gave me more strength and sense to my project and put it into a new direction: to promote and facilitate education to vulnerable children. COVID-19 has changed the lives of everyone. Our focus right now is directed towards people’s emotional wellbeing. spreading love, hope, peace and joy.

Mercedes Avila Caballero

Teacher, dancer, activist, entrepreneur

Founder & CEO

Making Dreams Come True

Carmen has been collaborating with different charities since she was twelve years old because she considers this as a lifestyle. She grew up helping at “Regina Mundi”, “Caritas” and different summer camps where they helped the elderly people.


She decided to be an English teacher because she loves the British culture and she was teaching for fourteen years in different state schools in Spain. Now she is teaching Spanish in schools in England.


Carmen’s collaborations in Believe In You Charity are not just as a result of friendship, she believes that education can change lives and every child around the world has this fundamental right.


Carmen Dominguez Roman




A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Samuel has been educated at Audley house Preparatory School, Leighton Park School, Cheltenham College of Art and Technology and Oxford Brookes College.


Samuel has over ten years experience working in high profile outdoor events and upper echelons of the hospitality industry and twelve years working in the transport industry customer service, retail and organisation. He also has been doing charity work helping at Cotswold wildlife park and Living coast marine zoo with a variety of rare breed animals and marine conservation.

Samuel truly believes that he can contribute something positive to Believe In You charity due to his previous experiences within wildlife preservation and his interest in helping improve the environment and enhancement of the world, working towards an end to poverty and hardship globally.

Samuel Edward Daniel Wilson
Logistics consultant


Making Dreams Come True

Rakesh  has more than 14 years of professional experience in  various facets of children, adolescents, youth work and social entrepreneurship. He has worked extensively on life skills, education, animal care, social entrepreneurship and mental health for development initiative.


He worked as a Human Resource Business Partner with Wipro Technologies a Big 4 Indian IT Company  working for employee development and leadership training (from 2004-14) and founded School of Goodness in 2015 to pursue his passion to work in the social sector with mental health and education sector working with students in both urban and rural settings. Rakesh has an eye for unconventional and creative things to fix the larger social problems.


He believes in the power of transformative conversations and strongly feels that everybody has the capacity to be remarkable. Passionate and hard-working, he’s also a fellow with School for Social Entrepreneurs India, 2019 cohort. Rakesh is also a sensitive, warm and welcoming person who believes in helping others fulfil their dreams. He is an avid reader and passionate animal lover.

On the family front he is blessed with two wonderful daughters and a loving wife.

Rakesh Sharma

Social worker, counsellor, trainer,

mentor, SSE fellows

Trustee and Secretary

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A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Deepika has more than 4 years of professional experience in various facets of children, adolescents, youth work and elderly care. She has worked extensively on education, yoga therapy and healings.


She works as a Yoga Teacher at Lovely Public School  teaching Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and EFT. She co-founded School of Goodness in 2015 to pursue her passion to work with elderly and underserved children. Deepika has an eye for beautiful and creative things.


She believes in the power of healings, transformative body change and strongly feels that everybody has the capacity to be remarkable. Passionate and hard-working, she’s also a Reiki Healer. Deepika is a sensitive, warm and welcoming person. She enjoys singing, dancing and meditation.

Deepika Sharma

Yoga teacher and mentor

Trustee & Secretary

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