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Believe In You

"Believe In You Project delivers transformative Flamenco Joy Therapy experiences, attracting customers because of our unique blend of dance, mindfulness, and cultural exchange, fostering personal growth and well-being with expert guidance and inclusive community support."

"Be The Change You Want To See In The World" Mahatma Gandhi.

All Videos

All Videos

Uganda Experience

Creating A Magical Experience & Lovely Moments with Children In Uganda, Africa.

Education Transform Children, Children Transform The World.


Presenting the "Believe In You Project" in India, learning and exchanging experiences with activists. 


Education In

New Delhi, India

Teaching a group of slum children some basic Spanish and dancing with them.

Training teachers


The Lives Of School 

Children By Instilling Hope, Compassion And Goodness”


Education in 

Rajasthan, India

Getting Better understanding of education in rural areas and children’s needs in India.


Why donate and contribute funding to Believe In You Project?

Donate and fund Believe In You Project to Empower Individuals, Promote Mental Well-being, and foster Inclusive Communities through transformative Flamenco Joy Therapy experiences.
Join us in this important work by setting up a regular donation via the "Donate" button.
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Believe In You Charity approach to teaching Spanish is to inspire in the student a love for the country and its culture, through carefully steered conversation, by bringing into play dancing and local folklore, in particular Flamenco planning cultural trips and even using dancing as a therapy and a health exercise, that would help people of all ages to keep fit.

Carlos Ruiz.

Emeritus Professor, Oxford University

Emeritus Fellow, Exeter College

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